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Is The iPhone 15 Pro The Future Of Filmmaking?

If you’re someone who shoots videos on an iPhone, there’s an important new feature on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max that...

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Greed can be a destructive force : The Black Hole [2008]

The Black Hole is a 2008 British short film written and directed by Phil Sampson and Olly Williams. The film stars Tom Meeten as...

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Anula de Silva: A Veteran Writer, Translator, and Journalist

Anula de Silva, a renowned veteran writer, translator, and journalist, has made significant contributions to the world of literature for over half a century....

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“Ahalya 2015” Short Film: A Modern Twist to an Ancient Myth

In 2015, director Sujoy Ghosh released a captivating short film titled “Ahalya.” This 14-minute film took inspiration from the ancient Indian mythological tale of...

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Discovering Hope in a World of Despair: A Reflection on Children of Men”

Considered one of the best dystopian films of all time, Children of Men is a movie that truly lives up to its hype. Released...

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